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In addition to the pleasure you get from the experience, you can create great flavorful foods and unique dishes that you simply can’t do in most indoor kitchens.

We can design a great outdoor kitchen for every type of budget and taste. From small single BBQ pieces to larger units with extra storage, sinks, smokers and more.

Let us create a landscape plan for you and we can creatively design a unit that is both practical and beautiful. Something that will still lend itself to the overall look of your property and make you feel comfortable and proud of your home.

Customer Testimonial

Brian and his team provided 1st Class service - they were expensive (high bid for the project), but well worth it IMHO. I especially liked how one day when they were short a worker (sick), so Brian himself came to do some labor.Nancy sat down with us and helped us design a yard to fit our every n...

Steve C.

Burbank, CA

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