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Knowledge is power. So we have provided some original articles here on what we feel is important to know about your landscaping.

Why is there white stuff on my pavers or concrete?

You walk outside in the morning, look over your new concrete driveway or walls and see this white film that is now covering this expensive project you just did. You are uncertain of what it is and you get nervous because you don't know what to do. You can relax because it is usually not as bad as it seems.

What to Expect During Construction

Knowing what may occur during your landscape project beforehand can help reduce confusions and make you feel more certain of the process. So, we outlined some basic things to expect.

What is Landscaping and how does it work?

Per the website, the word "Landscaping" means:

To improve the appearance of (an area of land, a highway, etc.), as by planting trees, shrubs, or grass or altering the contours (shapes) of the ground.

The Design Process

Everything starts with an idea!

If you think about it, this is very true. Nothing happens unless someone or something has an idea (thought, feeling etc.) about it first.

Introduction To PictureBuild Landscape

Draft 1.0

Again, thank you for choosing Picture Build Landscape for your outdoor project. We feel it is important that you understand more about our company and how we go about things. This way you have a better understanding of what is going to occur during your project.

Thank You!!

With several companies out there to choose from we appreciate that you have selected Picture Build Landscape to handle your outdoor project. You have joined that select group of highly intelligent home owners and business professionals who know how to recognize a landscaping company when they see it. Well Done!!

How To Tell If Your Lawn Is Underwatered Or Overwatered

And Why Overwatering May Be Worse

We all love green lush lawns. When we see our lawn struggling it is disappointing. In these cases, the first thing we often think is that it must need more water. While is sometimes this is true, that brown looking patch could actually mean you are overwatering. It is a good idea to know which is which.

How To Handle Weeds In Your Lawn

And How To Prevent Them In The First Place.

Weeds, the unwelcomed guest that can invade almost any landscape. They can make beautiful lawns and planter beds ugly eyesores that really cause annoyance. So how can you tackle these invaders or even better yet prevent them from getting a foothold.

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